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The fundamental problem with other order management software is that they were built for purely functional reasons... and not for the act of actually using it. The old and archaic versions of order management software allow your company to automate many tasks, but also create many new ones along the way. Technology is supposed to help make your life easier, but with existing order management software, it just seems to add more confusion and headache.

It shouldn’t be this way at all. You need order management software that connects to your back-office systems, connects your team, helps you manage orders and inventory with ease, and makes your life better!

That’s why we created Lettuce, the simple online inventory and order management system for people like you. People who want to get rid of the repetitive data entry, and instead focus on growing their business.

On top of that, software shouldn’t be built, but instead designed. We took the functionality of order management software, and made it incredibly simple to use. This meant spending a great deal of time fine-tuning how features work together, creating a system that is easy to set up, and creating a product that is visually stunning.

The best part is that our order management software is online-based (i.e. in the cloud). This means your entire team can access Lettuce simultaneously from different parts of the world. No installations, no crashes...just really well designed order management software that makes your life better and helps your business grow exponentially.

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